A J Acceptance Corp. 1997-1998

15 02 1998

Application Development –Designed, programmed and supported modifications to custom in house financial system for sub-prime lending. Implemented Zip+4 address coding software.

Disney, Buena Vista Home Video: 1993 – 1995

15 02 1994

Custom Development – Designed, programmed and implemented new sales / returns reconciliation system for Home Video interfaced with existing ASI distribution software.

EDI Development – Developed EDI Interface to Federal Express claims system.

Security Pacific Bank: 1993

15 02 1993

Technical Services – Created Application interfaces for foreign currency trading between different banking divisions , AS/400 to DEC systems platforms.

Bank of America, Costa Mesa Service Center: 1992

15 02 1992

Application development and Technical Support – Developed analysis programs to evaluate default student loans.

Rose Hills Memorial: 1989 –1990

15 02 1990

JDEdwards development and Support – Modified and Implemented J.D. Edward’s Payroll, Modifications to AP Check processing, G/L support and FASTR report creations

Bank of New York: 1988

15 02 1988

Property Management Software Custom development –Custom Tenet Lease program for Response Management Software

Response Management: 1987 – 1989

15 02 1987

Principal Software developer -Joined Response management team to assist in the development and promotion of the Propman/38 Propery management software.  Customized and implemented Propman/38 for various  Response Management Clients, such as Irvine Company, Prudential, Bixby Ranch, Segerstrom, Bank of New York, until Response Management was aquired by JDEwards.

C.J. Segerstrom & Sons: 1987

15 02 1987

Property Management Software Custom Development and support – Custom Reports created for Response Management’s Property Management software.