Tylie Jones: 1996 – 1997

15 02 1997

JDEdwards Development and Support – Maintained and Modified existing fulfillment software from Directions Software. Also supported various requests for custom reports from clients J.D. Edward’s Accounting, and custom Broadcast distribution system.

Shimano American: 1993

15 02 1993

JDEdwards Development- Customized J.D. Edward’s Inventory and Order Processing system interfacing with distribution center equipment, carousel pick machines, UPS labeling etc

Media Home Entertainment, Heron Communications: 1988- 1990

15 02 1990

JDEdwards Custom Development and Support – ┬áHome Video, Modified Existing J.D. Edward’s Sales Order Processing system, Designed and Implemented Royalty tracking system to interface with J.D. Edward’s system.

KELCO, Div. of Merck Pharmaceuticals: 1989-1990

15 02 1990

JDEdwards development and Support – Modified Sales and Inventory Reporting of J.D. Edwards system for Chemical Products division.

E&K Electronics: 1990

15 02 1990

Custom development project Custom development Implementation of Order Processing and Inventory system for Electronics supply firm

Perfect Life: 1987- 1989

15 02 1989

Custom Development – Custom developed and implemented Commission system, Order Processing, Inventory Management, and Accounting systems for a the Network marketing industry