Hines Horticulture

14 06 2000


  •  Sales Reporting – gathered requirements and developed new Sales Reporting and Sales Compensation System to support changing business needs. 
  • Conversions – Accounting System conversions for various newly acquired nursery businesses.
  • Analysis of acquired nursery companies financial data primarily A/R and billing practices for development of an approach to move data to Hines Corporate Accounting and Billing System.
  • Software was customized version of Pansophic PCR on an AS/400.
  • EDI – supported EDI processing from companies trading partners. 

MITI: 1995

15 02 1995

Technical Lead – Lead the Port of Unix based SQR SQL Report writer written in C to AS/400 to support requirements of Vendor (People Soft). Enhanced to fit OS/400 standards.

UNOCAL Chemicals

14 02 1995

JDEdwards Development and Support –Designed, programmed and implemented customized JDE Inventory and Sales Order Processing system, and other various related projects. Use of JDE CAD/CAP Clone.

Disney, Buena Vista Home Video: 1993 – 1995

15 02 1994

Custom Development – Designed, programmed and implemented new sales / returns reconciliation system for Home Video interfaced with existing ASI distribution software.

EDI Development – Developed EDI Interface to Federal Express claims system.

Paramount Pictures

14 02 1992

JDEdwards development –  Analysis and development of Customized J.D. Edward’s Sales and Inventory reporting for Home Video Distribution.  Development of Modifications to JDEwards A/R to support for billing by Title need in industry.

Media Home Entertainment, Heron Communications: 1988- 1990

15 02 1990

JDEdwards Custom Development and Support –  Home Video, Modified Existing J.D. Edward’s Sales Order Processing system, Designed and Implemented Royalty tracking system to interface with J.D. Edward’s system.

KELCO, Div. of Merck Pharmaceuticals: 1989-1990

15 02 1990

JDEdwards development and Support – Modified Sales and Inventory Reporting of J.D. Edwards system for Chemical Products division.

Perfect Life: 1987- 1989

15 02 1989

Custom Development – Custom developed and implemented Commission system, Order Processing, Inventory Management, and Accounting systems for a the Network marketing industry