Edison/Westec Security

1 05 2000
  • Implementation of Lawson Payroll/Personnel System – implemented and developed interfaces to and from JDEdwards’ World Accounting in 1990.
  • Returned in 1997 for conversion of JDE systems to Lawson 7.0 on RS/600 platform using AIX and Oracle.
  • Worked closely with Grant Thornton as primarily specialist responsible for analysis and development of multi-phase process to convert existing AS/400 systems to Unix platform.
  • First phase involved migration of AS400 Lawson HR system to New Unix based version. Supported process from inception to implementation in production.
  • Second phase involved migration of JDE GL/AR/AP and Sales Order processes to Lawson on Unix.
  • Third phase involved the purchase of Westec by Edison and required multi-company consolidation of Financial Systems from entities using Great Plains software and Lawson financial implementations to one Consolidated Lawson Implementation.

Final phase was retirement of old financial and sales support systems.

Hadson Power /Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E). 1992-93

15 02 1993

 Hadson Power was using J.D.Edwards world financaials and Job Costing on a AS/400 system and they had just been aquired by Louisville Gas and Electric Company (LG&E).   I was brought on to modify, implement and support the J.D.Edwards Job Cost System.    Modified the Job Cost system to conform to the needs of the new aquistion reporting requirements, custom forms Work Orders, Invoices and GL feeds.

Shimano American: 1993

15 02 1993

JDEdwards Development- Customized J.D. Edward’s Inventory and Order Processing system interfacing with distribution center equipment, carousel pick machines, UPS labeling etc

Paramount Pictures

14 02 1992

JDEdwards development –  Analysis and development of Customized J.D. Edward’s Sales and Inventory reporting for Home Video Distribution.  Development of Modifications to JDEwards A/R to support for billing by Title need in industry.

Media Home Entertainment, Heron Communications: 1988- 1990

15 02 1990

JDEdwards Custom Development and Support –  Home Video, Modified Existing J.D. Edward’s Sales Order Processing system, Designed and Implemented Royalty tracking system to interface with J.D. Edward’s system.

Rose Hills Memorial: 1989 –1990

15 02 1990

JDEdwards development and Support – Modified and Implemented J.D. Edward’s Payroll, Modifications to AP Check processing, G/L support and FASTR report creations

KELCO, Div. of Merck Pharmaceuticals: 1989-1990

15 02 1990

JDEdwards development and Support – Modified Sales and Inventory Reporting of J.D. Edwards system for Chemical Products division.

LA Cellular: 1989

15 02 1989

JDEdwards development and Support – Installation of J.D. Edward’s release update.

Homedco: 1988

15 02 1988

JDEdwards Implementation and Support – Conversion to and modification of J.D. Edward’s Fixed Assets system.

JD Edwards/Petroleum Data System

14 05 1983

SYSTEMS ANALYST/PROGRAMMER Programmed applications as JIB, RDS, LAND, AFE for the oil industry on IBM Systems/38 and 34.   These were the founding days of JDEdwards software.  PDS and JDE worked cooperativly in development of a new ERP Accounting system, originally tailored for the Oil Industry.  My role was the lead developer interface between PDS and JDE.